Management and Finance

  • Tom Emmons: Over 16 years of experience investing $5BN in renewable energy project financing for firms including Rabobank, Pegasus Capital and Voya Financial
  • Christian Drake: Over 25 years of finance, accounting, tax, audit and operations experience predominantly in the dairy industry
  • James Meeks: 6+ years founder and CEO experience, named one of the top ten energy entrepreneurs in the state of New York
  • Svetlana Dankovicova: Founder of private wealth management firm Dynastion, former SVP for Rothschild Bank covering the Central European region and managing a $350M portfolio
  • Brano Dej: Partner at Dynastion, former manager of SIH fund ($700M AUM), where he implemented EU funds for the Central European region
  • Ben Belis: Associate at Dynastion, has worked at UBS in London in a team responsible for $150BN portfolio
  • Jan Barath: Biogas R&D specialist focused on ethanol and biofuels. 20 years of experience in building-up, commissioning, operation and optimization of ethanol and biofuel plants. Led two cellulosic ethanol projects up to FEED level.
  • Rasto Dankovic: Over 15 years of engineering experience in Europe. Author of multiple successful innovations in production processes.