New Revenue Source

  • Revenue from sale of biomethane. Stable and high methane production (116 ft3 biogas per wet cow per day at 58% CH4 concentration) is achieved by controlled digester environment, which is not subject to weather variations or seasonality. The patented DVO digester design allows for the guaranteed retention time and minimum stratification and settling issues. The dairy can make a significant additional income through their revenue share in biomethane sales.
  • Optional revenue from sale of biosolids. Digested solids that are not used by the farmer as bedding are further dried to 65% moisture content and sold as bedding to other dairies, commodity for fiber-based products, or as N-P-K nutrient-rich fertilizer. The dairy can make additional income by selling unused biosolids.
  • Potential revenue from tipping fees. The digester is not limited to fuel from the local dairy waste and can utilize other organic waste from third parties (food waste, etc.).

Improvements to Daily Operations

  • Saving fresh water due to an efficient Flush Recycle Reservoir and a Closed Loop Flushing System. Your dairy can save lots of fresh water with in your daily operation.
  • Significant reduction in pathogens in manure bedding by using post-digested solids may reduce cow sickness.
  • Potential increase in milk production due to very healthy and comfortable bedding directly at the site.
  • Increased financial stability due to the digester and new pre- and post-digester equipment purchased by the developer. New technology and modern dairy operation can improve the dairy’s risk and credit score at its bank.
  • Addressing the Net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 for US dairy initiative and California’s requirement of 40% reduction of 2013 methane levels by 2030.