We are a team of international professionals that develops and finances biogas plants, covering the entire project lifecycle from engineering and permitting to construction and operation. Our biogas plants are a sustainable and effective way to convert dairy organic waste materials into renewable energy and useful byproducts, and a key solution for farmers looking to create additional income streams to support their daily operations. Keeping in mind that our planet is the only true valuable inheritance that we can leave to the next generations, we strive to:

  • Have positive environmental impact (better quality of air, water, and soil)
  • Be sustainable and provide long term solutions for long term problems
  • Promote less chemicals used on crops
  • Support local farmers and local food production
  • Build strong and prosperous relationships
  • Close the loop of the supply chain by converting other operations’ waste (dairy, etc.) into green energy and organic fertilizer
  • Be innovative and implement intelligent, most advanced solutions
  • Create happier and healthier communities